Interaction Design + Web Development
Interaction Design Components:
  • • Website Branding
  • • Web Design + Development
  • • HTML5 / CSS3
  • • UI + UX Design
  • • Data Visualization
  • • Interaction Design

Web Design + Web Development as Brand Expression

We create online presence by giving character to Brand Experience.

The modern Internet economy has transformed most business models, social networks, publishing, finance, and online advertising platforms by channelling the flow of information and relationship networks to a global content-producing audience of social online extensions.

Some social networks have pivoted into tangible business models. Viral loops and collective networks have accelerated the viability of multi-mobile device platforms with immersive context-driven customization.

Our approach is to produce a well-designed Web Experience, streamline the company's communications, and deliver the company's core value proposition and customer offerings. Our development process combines strategic, creative, and emerging technologies to facilitate more effective interactive connections.

Capabilities include Web Design + Development, UX Design, HTML5/CSS3, and Responsive Web.

Interaction Design

Interactive Media provides immersive sensory experiences through video, motion graphics, and sound design. Game Design, Virtual Worlds, current VR, and Generative Art are part of this dynamic territory. We're researching concept potential with gestural and motion triggered interactivity (Leap Motion, Kinect Sensors), augmented reality, VR head mount displays, and WebGL HTML5 integration.

The interactive game industry has been a critical force in breaking new ground for participatory engagement, currently adopted by viral social networks, multi-device gaming platforms, mobile engagement, and iPhone, Android, iPad / tablet, and VR head mount applications.

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