Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Brand Engagement, Agile Hypothesis

Starting with a clearly written Agile hypothesis, reflecting a flexible Business Strategy, we distill what is unique about a company and collaboratively synthesize a Brand Idea.

We may research Customer Development factors through Customer Discovery, Customer Validation, and Customer Creation processes when applicable to business solutions.

We then integrate the Brand Idea, design its expression through applied digital media channels and construct a reciprocal Brand Sphere of authenticity designed to connect with customers, by providing meaning, genuine attitudes and relevant impressions.

The value of the Brand can be evaluated by its impact, memorability, embedded values, customer relationships, and increased customer engagement with online and physical human business interactions.

  • Business Strategy
  • Agile Hypothesis
  • Customer Development
  • Learning
  • Discovery
  • Validation
  • Creation
  • Building

“To play chess on a truly high level requires a constant stream of exact, informed decisions, made in real time and under pressure from your opponent. What’s more, it requires a synthesis of some very different virtues, all of which are necessary to good decisions: calculation, creativity and a desire for results.
If you ask a Grandmaster, an artist and a computer scientist what makes a good chess player, you’ll get a glimpse of these different strengths in action.”
- Garry Kasparov