Identity Design

Identity Design

Building Brand Character

"Branding" can communicate a powerful emotional relationship between people, products, and services.

Creating a Brand Identity means appealing to the emotional intelligence of the customer and fulfilling desire, trust, aspiration, presence and connection.

We encourage a dialogue between the brand and its audience by activating a value proposition involving sensory, aesthetic, functional and self-expressive benefits to the customer.

In other words, we help create compelling customer relationships in constantly changing environments in need of quality engagement.

Brand Identity

Our Brand Identity work covers a range of applications, from complete Corporate Identity programs to Retail, Product, and Entertainment Identity Systems.

A Corporate Identity is the visible expression of an organization, its personality, values, and perception of its services.

As part of a brand identity, the name, mark and logotype components provide visual triggers for specific meanings attached to the corporate personality and its assets. Usually the Core Identity of a company is determined by how it behaves, and can be defined by its consistency in attitude, relationships, actions and style.

The work of Tribal Code centers on interpreting and creating a strong visible expression for the Core Identity.

We begin with an appraisal of the company’s public image and market position, develop insight, actionable concepts, and then produce a unified design program to communicate an interactive company presence.

This in turn leads to a comprehensive program of visual communication frameworks, naming, and image impressions ensuring consistent implementation of the Brand Identity system.

  • Research + Analysis
  • Brand Strategy Execution
  • Naming
  • Identity Design Concepts
  • Applied Brand Expressions
  • Brand Integration


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