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George Canciani
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George Canciani - Creative Director / Strategic Designer

Tribal Code - Strategic Design
Creative Director / Systems Thinker / Interaction Designer / Web Developer / Brand Strategist / Identity Designer / Professional Photographer / Founder

Living at the intersection of Art, Science, Nature, and Technology.

Engaged to deliver creative vision to business solutions through Design Strategy and Visual Communications applied to companies, products, business brands, and cultural organizations in worldwide markets influenced by accelerated change, digital technology, and sustainable ecosystems.

By synthesizing professional disciplines, he has manifested his passions as creative disruption catalyst, brand strategist, UX designer, web developer, coder, systems thinker, professional photographer, and filmmaker.

Started Tribal Code in San Francisco, CA, to integrate his experience and passion for sensory design communications to produce influential Digital Branding and Interactive Business Solutions for the Internet and Visual Communications channels.

This personal approach generates Interactive Communications through Systems Thinking, blending cognitive research, insight, imagination, intuition, synthesis, analysis, and executable design architecture applied to the Internet through the Web, Social Media, Mobile, Augmented Reality, and emerging wearable technology platforms.

A consistent objective has been to increase the business value and dynamic presence of his clients' companies. He has leveraged client solutions through focused integration of creative disciplines with attention to evolving platforms, scenario planning, contextual relationships, and meaningful visualization technologies.

Partnered with clients in the United States and Europe, delivering digital Brand Design differentiation and competitive advantage for Fortune 500 Companies (IBM, HP, DEC, Compaq, PeopleSoft, ABC Network), Web Startups, Mobile Startups, European Brands, and International Cultural Organizations.

Previous positions include:
Creative Director, CKS Interactive;
Creative Director / Entrepreneur, Oxfam America Trading;
Worldwide Creative Director Corporate Branding, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) (HP acquisition);
Design Director, GGK International (Paris, France + Basel, Switzerland);
Design Director / Partner, Theo Ballmer + Partner, (Switzerland)
Broadcast Designer, ABC Television Network, WCVB-TV 5.

Based in the United States and Europe, he was influenced and driven by seminal movements merging aesthetic intelligence, artistic intuition, Systems Thinking and legacy methodologies originating from the early Bauhaus movement, Ulm School of Design, and the Basel School of Design based on Emil Ruder's system of Swiss Design disciplines.

Immersive influences were the broadcast and film industries, New Media, Interaction Design, Web Development, UX-CSS3-HTML5, Responsive Web, Mobile Platforms, Social Media's current deployment of Mobile / Tablet generated behaviors, and wearable tech sensors.

Researching Augmented Reality, Contextual Interaction, Wearable Tech Engagement, and eventually integrating a blend of Biomimicry, Synthetic AI (Amplified Intelligence), and Expanded Consciousness in designing humane interactive experiences triggered by accelerated adaptation and fuller integration with Nature's intelligence. Nature AI (Analog Intelligence).

Forward with Network Effects, AI Amplified Intelligence, ChatGPT, Prompt Engineering, ...

The future isn't what it used to be. Welcome to an accelerated present.
Humanize Complexity.

Cultural and Business Territory: United States, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Japan.
Languages: English, Italian, German, Venetian, French

Conceptual Art and Photography exhibits: New York; Basel, Switzerland; Trieste, Italy.

George Canciani, Tribal Code Strategic Design